One day of Retreat in France

Sep 2, 2011 - JvP

Fundamental Practice (Ngöndro) retreat day on 1 October 2011 in France

For everybody who wants to start with there Fundamental Practice or continue them.

We are going to meditate all day, enjoy good food and watch a interview with Lama Ole Nydahl

Please contact us for further information

Swiss Center Construction Projects

Sep 2, 2011 - JvP

The Amden Retreat Center (near Zurich) and Buddhist Center Bern have a number of renovation and construction projects underway. 

They need our help.  If you are interested, in helping, contact us for more information.


Sep 2, 2011 - JvP

The Buddhist Group in Geneva will have regular monthly meetings where we will discuss a number of projects that we need your help on! 

Please let us know if you are interested in getting more involved.

Make a donation

Sep 2, 2011 - JvP

We are pleased to announce that we have opened a bank account at Post Finance.

Therefore, if you would like to arrange to make a donation to help us pay for rent, publicity, traveling teachers, and supplies, we would most appreciate it. The bank account details are below:

La voie du diamant - Karma Kagyu - Geneve

IBAN: CH8209000000127607699
ID. 110 044 780 150
Account: 12-760769-9